Viola Come Il Mare

Viola Come Il Mare

Sep. 30, 2022
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1Season 1 Sep. 30, 2022




Francesca Chillemi isViola Vitale
Viola Vitale
Can Yaman isFrancesco Demir
Francesco Demir

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(71) comments

  • Anna CarlucciJanuary 9, 2023Reply

    Is there another season of Violoa. Really enjoyed the first season.

  • Nicky ToulourasNovember 5, 2022Reply

    when can we expect episodes 11 and 12

    • AdminNovember 5, 2022Reply

      Episode 11 will be uploaded shortly, while episode 12 will be uploaded within 24 hours!

      • katie knudsonNovember 6, 2022Reply


  • Christine FinchNovember 5, 2022Reply

    Am I missing episodes11 and 12. Have watched to episode 10 but am sure there must be two more.

    • AdminNovember 5, 2022Reply

      Episode 11 is being processed!

  • CarolNovember 4, 2022Reply

    I’ve finished all 10 epis.
    Wonderful series and am looking forward to more! I don ‘t see a preview on fb so hopefully it’s not cancelled;)

  • katie knudsonOctober 31, 2022Reply

    Two eppys in 48 hours!! Thank you

  • Joanne AdamsOctober 29, 2022Reply

    Are there more than 8 episodes?

    • AdminOctober 31, 2022Reply

      Yes, episodes 9 and 10 have been released!

  • Alan SternOctober 25, 2022Reply

    When is Epidsode 8 coming? Any idea?

  • Sandra BlodgettOctober 25, 2022Reply

    What’s happening with episode 8? Waiting patiently for it.

  • Aisha TOctober 25, 2022Reply

    Hello, thank you for the subtitles. When can we expect episode 8 please?

  • BarbaraOctober 24, 2022Reply

    I like the show so far, when will I be able watch Episode 8, the date? I’m enjoying it so far, I hope it will continue after the 12th episode.

    • AdminOctober 25, 2022Reply

      The episode is being uploaded! 😀

  • ThanniOctober 23, 2022Reply

    Hello Admin
    Im a subscriber.. Is there a search option in this site ?.. i want to search for a series but not finding any search option

    • AdminOctober 24, 2022Reply

      hey dear, yes there is search option, on the top right of the website you see the search button 🙂

      • ThanniOctober 28, 2022Reply

        Thanks.. i got it now.. its a problem with my tablet😊

  • Jane WOctober 23, 2022Reply

    I was so pleasantly surprised to see episode 7 up on Sunday morning USA time. Thanks so much for a job well done. We fans appreciate you!

  • Edith MeyerOctober 18, 2022Reply

    What a wonderful series. I can’t wait to see more of it. Can and the whole cast are great. The English translation is wonderful.

  • Violet GarnerOctober 15, 2022Reply

    Bravo to person/persons that translate to English. They are doing a great job.

  • katie knudsonOctober 10, 2022Reply

    I’m so happy to find a place to watch English subtitles for viola come il mare! Is there a way to get notifications when you’ve completed the translation?

    • AdminOctober 10, 2022Reply

      We usually do our best to deliver the new episodes every Sunday/Monday

      • katie knudsonOctober 22, 2022Reply

        Awesome! Always anxiously waiting. Thank you!

  • Lynne LoweOctober 10, 2022Reply

    The English translation is so good! Looking forward to other episodes!

  • Maryam Jameela HansiaOctober 9, 2022Reply

    Is episode 3 out yet I have a subscription

    • AdminOctober 10, 2022Reply

      It has just been uploaded!

  • WendyOctober 8, 2022Reply

    How soon after each episode will it be available with English subtitles?

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      Hopefully within 24-48 hours 😀

      • Wendy StevensOctober 24, 2022Reply

        Are there 2-parts to each episode? I watched episode 7, but noticed the previous episodes all had two parts (ie. 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc)

        • AdminOctober 25, 2022Reply

          Yes, the second part is already being uploaded!

  • Margaret RuggieroOctober 8, 2022Reply

    When will part 3 and 4 of Viola come il mare be available.

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      Hopefully within 24 hours Part 3 😀

  • Flóra GöndörOctober 8, 2022Reply

    When will be the latest episode uploaded?

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      Hopefully within 24 hours 😀

  • Violet GarnerOctober 8, 2022Reply

    I am new to Kinemania. Love this series so far, The translation to English is great. Can you tell me when the next series will be ready to watch.

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      Thank you very much for your kind words. We are currently translating the next episode and it will hopefully be uploaded within 24 hours!

  • SusieOctober 8, 2022Reply

    what is the monthly fee for the us? Do you have other content? How do I pay? Will I have to have a VPN to watch?

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      Monthly subscriptions start from 9.99 Euro/Month! We have over 250+ shows on our platform! We support PayPal payments only! You don’t need a VPN, our platform is available worldwide!

  • LizaOctober 8, 2022Reply

    Does this work in USA?

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      Yes, it does!

  • Michelle LippertOctober 8, 2022Reply

    This is great! Thank you so much for the translation. Can I ask how quickly the episodes are translated and loaded onto the site?

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      We will upload the episodes during the week as soon as they are ready!

  • Jane WilliamsOctober 7, 2022Reply

    I signed up and paid so I could watch Viola but I can’t log on to watch in my Samsung smart TV. I keep getting an error message. I can log on to watch on my iPhone. I want it on my TV on my phone. What could be the problem?

    • AdminOctober 8, 2022Reply

      Could you please try Screen Mirroring from your iPhone? That should work!

  • DianeOctober 6, 2022Reply

    Cannot wait to watch this series

  • MaryamOctober 4, 2022Reply

    Want to sign up

  • CanYamanEnglishOctober 4, 2022Reply

    Thank you so much for granting my request 🙂

  • Sally ReidOctober 4, 2022Reply

    Is there another part to the episode? It seems like it was cut off early.

    • AdminOctober 4, 2022Reply

      Hello, the second part is being translated!

  • Bernadette hirtleOctober 3, 2022Reply

    Are there any advertisements or popular. What is the price Canadian, is it only available one day

    • AdminOctober 4, 2022Reply

      Hello, there are no ads on our platform. Subscriptions start from 13.5 CDN.

  • Flora iglesiasOctober 3, 2022Reply

    Thank you so much please put the second episode pleaseeeeeee thank u

  • Jane JenkinsOctober 2, 2022Reply

    Thank you for all your efforts.

  • Mary SylviaOctober 1, 2022Reply

    Thank you for adding this!

  • Portia JacksonOctober 1, 2022Reply

    When will Viola become available? Looking forward to watching it!!

    • AdminOctober 4, 2022Reply

      The show has already been translated and published!

    • Portia JacksonOctober 5, 2022Reply

      Thank you!

  • Toni VasquezOctober 1, 2022Reply

    I just read under season 1 there will be no shows thos season? I have been touting Kinemania on FB saying the series will be offered here. Did something happen?

    • Toni VasquezOctober 3, 2022Reply

      Thank you. Enjoyed the first episode very much. Happy you included this.

    • AdminOctober 4, 2022Reply

      The show has already been translated and published!

      • BarbOctober 24, 2022Reply

        I live in America, when will episode 8 be on to watch? Thank you!

  • ToniSeptember 28, 2022Reply

    Will the 1st episode of Viola be available the 30th? Or a few days later for subtitles? Can you pay for the whole series? Or will there be a charge for each episode?

    • AdminSeptember 29, 2022Reply

      We will do our best to translate the show asap!

      • Margret VikingsdottirOctober 4, 2022Reply

        Hi! When will you translate 2nd episode, that aired 30.Sep? This is only half of the show, isn’t it? They aired 1. and 2. last Friday. Thank you for the first part

        • AdminOctober 4, 2022Reply

          Hello, the second part is being translated and we will upload it within 24 hours at most hopefully!

  • ToniSeptember 28, 2022Reply

    So happy to see this here. Will there be English subtitles? How will Pay per view work?

    • AdminSeptember 29, 2022Reply

      Yes, we will provide English subtitles!

  • PortiaSeptember 27, 2022Reply

    Looking forward to watching Can Yaman new series. He is such a great actor and I enjoy watching him.

    • Mary HulseOctober 25, 2022Reply

      Any information on when Episode 8 will be available with English sub? Episode 7 was great and left me hanging for 8 ☺️. Thank you for translating for those in USA!

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